Chair Yoga For Every Body

If you heard the word “yoga”, and felt your body wasn’t made for yoga for X, Y, or Z reasons…wow do I know that feeling, and I I’d like to share my story. Over the last decade I’ve learned that yoga is here for every body, whatever challenges it is facing, shape, age or level of experience. And chair yoga is an amazing place to get started. As the name implies, you’ll stay seated in comfortably while getting a full body stretch, staying supported and grounded by the chair. No props or mats required. With series and techniques taught to me by my teacher and yoga therapist of many years, Michelle Rubin, I’ll guide you through gentle, mindful classes designed to bring ease to the body.

I started doing chair yoga over a decade ago, as a wheelchair user with severe limitations to my mobility. My practice grew from moving my fingers and toes and “just breathing” to what it is blossomed into today – more freedom of movement and joy in all areas of my life!

Join me for weekly chair yoga classes, where we learn to stretch and strengthen our bodies in an accessible, welcoming environment. Classes will vary week to week and include a blend of physical asana (yoga poses), breathing techniques, meditations, mindfulness exercises, and Nidra (or ‘yogi sleep’). Poses are adaptable to every body, and students take ownership of their own bodies’ welfare by staying within their own limits and listening to their bodies!

Classes are every
Wednesday, 5:15 – 6:15 PM PST.

Sunday, 6-7 PM PST.

Classes are available with 1 month commitments on a sliding scale. I use this scale in my attempts to combat economic inequality by making yoga more financially accessible to more people, while also valuing my work. If the fees are a hardship, please email me!

Each month you’ll receive a Zoom Class Password and URL to login to classes. I’ll be there 10 minutes early to chat and help answer any questions!

You will be billed monthly, recurrently. Please let me know if you’d like to cancel for any reason. Let’s make that headache free for both of us!

Classes will come to you zoomed from my cozy studio. You’ll just need a chair and an open mind (and in a perfect world, a camera on your phone or laptop so I could provide some feedback and connect more!).

Weekly Chair Yoga Classes

Wednesday’s, 5:15 – 6:15 pm

Free Live Mini Classes Weekly

Join me to unwind in a different way. We all love the meditative aspects of knitting, but I know how important it is to maintain healthy necks and shoulders to continue a lifelong practice! So join me for mini-classes Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 2 pm PST on my Instagram for “bite-sized” classes, perfect for a busy schedule. You can find classes on my IGTV to get a taste of my teaching, and hopefully I’ll see you live!

Private Classes

I also teach private restorative yoga classes, available currently via Zoom and other online platforms. I have a particular passion for chair yoga and gentle classes accessible to every body. If this is something of interest for you, please feel free to reach!

Bursaries available – Please reach out! I want to balance my own needs with my desire to limit barriers to attending yoga classes. Just fill out the form below!

Thank you and see you in class!